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Before applying for a Malaysia work visa it is very important to know all the requirements and the eligibilities. This article will be helpful in providing basic know-how about the Malaysian work visa for people of Pakistan.

Malaysia work visa is provided to only those companies who were able to get the working license in Malaysia; this is often acquired from the businesses themselves. During the time of claiming an organization and the need of contracting the outside national, you must be prepared for a long depleting process. Businesses or companies have permission to hire workers from other countries to work for them. The Work visa for Malaysia from Pakistan 2020-2021 has the same requirements as the previous years.

With no work license before entry, an Entry visa and social passes are given to those families of representatives of any businesses, until they have not acquired a Malaysia work visa. Stringent laws have been passed by the Malaysian forces for any unlawful specialists, which specifically say that no work shall be begun before the issuance of working the grant.

Before going into the country any foreign national must have a visa in advance, they can acquire it by visiting and applying for a Malaysian visa through the Malaysian representative office. A visa is a confirmation paper with a passport or with any other travel document saying that the individual has applied for the visa to go to Malaysia and the permission has been granted. So foreign individuals can get the visa by applying for it at the Malaysian representative office abroad, just the settlement of the visa does not mean that the complete guarantee has been provided that the individual is allowed to go to Malaysia, the final process’s decision lies in the hands of the immigration officer.

Types of visa;

There are three different types of visas given by the Malaysian government to foreign nationals;

  1. Single entry visa; this is the visa granted by the Malaysian government to those foreign nationals who primarily want to enter Malaysia for some social or business visit. This visa can be used for entering once only on next visit you will have to again apply for a visa, this visa is valid for three months after the date of issue.
  2. Multiple entry visas; this visa is specifically designated to those individuals who wish to enter Malaysia for some business visit or for some government to government matters, this visa is generally valid for three to twelve months.
  3. Transit visa; this visa is issued to those foreign individuals who want to visit Malaysia in transit to other countries.

How to apply for a Malaysia work visa for Pakistan 2020-2021

The application is submitted at the abroad Malaysian missions. In countries where the Malaysian mission is not being recognized their application is made to the British high commission embassy. The following documents shall be collected to applying for a Malaysian visa;

  • The passport
  • Form IM.47, three copies at least
  • Three passport size photos
  • Ticket
  • Proof of sufficient money to fund the trip