malaysia study visa from Pakistan

Malaysian visa has become a big attraction for Pakistanis as it is a Muslim country and lies not too far from Pakistan. To tell you the Malaysia visa requirements we are writing this post. As you know The living environment and the necessities are very comfortable for Muslims specifically. Pakistan is in good terms with Malaysian government thus it is easy for Pakistanis to settle in Malaysia.

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Many international universities are also there in Malaysia, so students from Pakistan prefer to study in Malaysia along with job opportunities rather than going to UK, USA or Australia, this saves them huge cost.

Malaysia visa requirements for citizens of Pakistan

Before going in depth lets check what kind of visa are being offered by Malaysian consulate in Islamabad. According to the consulate general of Malaysia, there are following visa requirements for Pakistani passport holders.

  1. Malaysian visit visa
  2. Malaysia Study visa
  3. Malaysia Work visa

To get the desired visa there are certain Malaysia visa requirements for Pakistani citizen to be fulfilled. The individual applying for Malaysian visa has to submit the required documents along with the visa fees.

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Malaysia Visit Visa Requirements

Following documents has to be submitted by the applicants:

In case of visit visa a copy of covering letter by the institution, or the individual shall be submitted

  • Two visa application forms shall be typed and written in bold
  • Four passport size photographs of applicant
    Original passport photocopy shall be submitted; the expiry date of the passport shall also be clearly mentioned
  • A copy of Pakistani CNIC
  • A photocopy or return ticket
  • Original bank statement’s photocopy from the last six months
  • Rs 200,000 shall be present with individual applicant to show that they have sufficient funds to cover the expense of the trip

On the other hand, the requirements for student visa are slightly different from the visit visa

Malaysia student visa requirements:

The requirements of Malaysian student visa are as follows;

First, you need to apply at the Malaysia University of your Choice, there are several Top Malaysia University where you will be selected After that if you get selected by the institution that they will grant a student offer letter that will allow you to apply for Malaysian student visa.

No bank statement is required in case of applying for Malaysian student visa

  • The photocopy of offer letter from the university
  • A copy of approval letter from the Malaysian immigration department
  • A sponsor shall give an affidavit of support letter and also a CNIC copy
  • A bank statement copy by the sponsor

When applying for MM2H or the employment pass (both temporary and permanent) these additional documents shall be added;

  •  Approval letter from immigration department
  • Medical certificate from approved center

Malaysian work visa requirements:

Work visa are two types

  1. A to A work visa
  2. A to B Malaysia work visa

The A to A work visa is the one in which the employee in Malaysia and the visa is provided by the job providing company

A to B work visa is the one where the employee is not working at a place that awards the visa, this visa is also called Azadi visa. This is the most desired Malaysian visa by the Pakistani citizens as it allows you to work in Malaysia.

Visa fee:

The Malaysian visit visa fee for Pakistanis including the processing charges will be around 12,500 PKR Rupees for the duration of one month stay and the visa will be valid for three months.

The processing time of Malaysian visit visa can take between 10 to 15 days.

Malaysia E-visa

E-visa can only be applied by those who have traveled abroad minimum four times in a year and is a holder of official passport, the E-visa can be applied by official drop box of Malaysia.

The special part about E-visa application is that it has the processing time of 24 hours only.

The Malaysian E-visa requirements;

  • The passport
  • ID card
  • Bank statement from last six months
  • Three passport size photographs
  • Email address on which your visa copy will be sent

If you are planning to visit visa then you should also consider visiting Thailand and Singapore as with this one visa you can travel these three countries.

The best places to visit in Malaysia:

Malaysia has become a major tourist attraction for the majority of reason; its welcoming environment and beautiful scrivener have been able to bring a lot of visitors into the country every year. The major benefit of visiting Malaysia is the low cost of traveling and living.

Malaysia is one of the Islamic countries located in Southeast Asia. It has thirteen states and has three federal territories, covering the area of around 330,803 kilometers. Malaysia is one of the developed countries of the Muslim world and it has over the years contributed much towards technology and development, also in oil, gas, space and tourism sectors.

The capital city of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and some other popular places of Malaysia are Cameron Highlands which are known for plantation and the Kinabalu Park which has the tallest mountains also the Langkawi famous for the forests.

The famous street foods of Malaysia are char kayak, rental, gulag and nasilemak. Famous natural sights of Malaysia are blue mansions, Batu caves, temple cave, khiikingsi and dark cave.

Kuala Lumpur:

It is the capital city of Malaysia and has a tropical rain forest environment all around the year, which makes it warm sunny and windy along with the abundant amount of rainfall, from October to march it normally rains daily there.

following are the places which can be visited in Kala lumpur.

  • The Petronas towers
  • Batu Caves
  • China town
  • Menara KL towers
  • Sunny lagoon theme parks
  • Sultan Abdul Samad building
  • Aquaria KLCC

The other famous place in Kuala Lumpur is;

Genting highlands:

this place is also known as the city of entertainment which is the perfect place for tourists to visit. The temperature around here is moderate and tourists can enjoy there in different casinos, theme parks, hotels and much more.


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