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Applicants who want to apply for a Malaysia visa are directed to read this article carefully. The instructions given on this website will help you to prepare your application for a visa very carefully. You need to prepare your documents as accurately as possible. These guidelines will reduce the risk of visa refusal as well as delay in processing.

Please note that in few cases Consulate General of Malaysia, Islamabad may ask to visit personally before issuance of visa. In such cases we will guide you accordingly and we will also help you to for your appointment.

Visa Types

Mainly there are two types of visas.

  • Single Entry Visa
  • Multiple Entry Visa

Single Entry Malaysia Visa

An especially single entry visa is issued to a foreign national who wants to visit Malaysia. Therefore this is also called visa without reference. This visa type is valid for 3 months. This visa is for social visit. After traveling you can stay 30 days in Malaysia. This visa can be extended for two more months after arrival in Malaysia. Single entry visa is also called visit visa. The purpose of a single entry visa may be different for everyone due to different use by. following is list of those reasons.

  1. A visit to meet friends and relatives
  2. A business trip to complete some business deals
  3. In order to examine job atmosphere or business opportunity in Malaysia.
  4. Student examinations
  5. Visiting any other embassy which is in Malaysia

 Multiple Entry Malaysia visa

This kind of visa issued to government personals and business-related persons. This visa is valid for 3 months to 12 months and every time visitor can stay 30 days in Malaysia. Extension in the stay is not allowed by the Malaysian immigration department.

Visa with Reference

Malaysia Visa With Reference (VDR) means a visa that allows a non-Malaysian citizen to enter Malaysia with prior approval from the Malaysian immigration department. There are three different categories of Malaysia visa

Application For a Visa With Reference (Wife of Malaysia Citizen)

  • 2 copies of Form Imm.12
  • Form Imm.38
  • Sponsor’s identification card (husband)
  • Copy of applicant’s passport
  • Copy of husband’s passport (marriage abroad)
  • Marriage Certificate (Malaysia/abroad)
  • 2 Recent photographs of husband/wife
  • Divorced /Death Certificate (where applicable)
  • VDR questionnaire form
  • Security Bond
  • Statutory Declaration Form

Application For a Visa With Reference (Husband of Malaysian Citizen)

  • Application Letter sent to and received by the Embassy / High Commission of Malaysia
  • 2 copies of Form Imm.12
  • Form Imm.38
  • 2 Recent photographs of husband/wife
  • Sponsor’s identification card (wife)
  • Copy of applicant’s passport
  • Copy of wife’s passport (marriage abroad)
  • Marriage Certificate (Malaysia/abroad)
  • Sponsor’s proof of financial support/Form J (income equivalent to or more than RM2,000/month)
  • Security Bond

Application For a Visa With Reference (Afghanistan)

  • Application letter sent to and received by the Embassy High Commission of Malaysia
  • Form Imm.47
  • 2 Recent photographs of the applicant
  • Copy of applicant’s passport
  • Sponsor’s identification card
  • Sponsor’s undertaking letter
  • Security Bond

Malaysia Visa Application Processing Time

Usually, the processing time of the visa application is from 15 to 20 working days. Some time consulate can ask for an interview in such cases time can be up to 30 working days.

Malaysia Visa Documents, How to apply?

Following docs are required by the Consulate of Malaysia, Islamabad.

  1. Visa application form (We will fill this form for you)
  2. Passport valid for more than 90 days minimum. But it is suggested that your passport validity must be more than 6 months. There must be also empty pages in your passport where visa sticker could be pasted.
  3. ID card copy
  4. 4 Photographs with white background. No cap or hat allowed in photographs, no glassed allowed. Plain photograph without any software alteration.
  5. Company letterhead with a request for a Malaysia visa.
  6. Bank statement of last 6 months having ending balance of Rs. 2 LAC. An account maintenance letter is also required by the Malaysian embassy.
  7. In case your children are accompanying you, you have to provide NADRA B-Form.
  8. Original Ticket (We can provide this for you)

Malaysia Visa Fee

In Pakistan, the visa fee for 2021 is Rs. 8500/- charged by the Malaysia visa dropbox. Following is the list of other countries.

Malaysia Visa Fee, Country Wise

Countries Single/Multiple Entry Visa (RM) Transit Visa (RM)
Argentina 20.15 4.1
Bangladesh 20 20
Bhutan 20 20
Bolivia 11 11
Burma 19.5 6.6
Brazil 17 17
Bulgaria 21.9 11
Chile 24.5 24.5
Republic of China 30 30
Costa Rica 9 20
Czech & Slovak 19.3 8.2
Denmark 6
Dominican Republic 12.9 9.65
Ecuador 7 0.5
Finland 7
France 12.9
Haiti 16 6
Hungary 21.45 10.3
India 50 50
Indonesia 15 3.5
Israel 9.7 1.1
Italy 9.5
South Korea 30 15
Liberia 13 13
Mexico 17.5 17.5
Myanmar 20 20
Nepal 20 20
Panama 14.5 14.5
Peru 20 20
Poland 26.2 8
Portugal 6.5 6.5
Saudi Arabia 17.2 8.6
Sri Lanka 15 15
Sudan 12.9 4.3
United States of America 6 20
Uruguay 13.5 13.5
Venezuela 18 18
Vietnam 13 1.5

Reasons to refuse a Malaysia visa.

Following are the reason of Malaysia visa refusal.

  1. Blacklisted from the Malaysian immigration department in the previous visit to Malaysia.
  2. Financial strength is not sufficient or not on his personal name
  3. Job or business is not appropriate


Malaysia visa is very easy to obtain but you just need to provide proper documents and proper documents preparation. You can stay in Malaysia for 30 days on a single entry visa. Single entry visa is valid for 3 month for traveling. With a multiple entry visa, you can stay in Malaysia for 30 days but you can avail this visa for a year. Visa with reference is for wife and husband with Malaysian nationality.