malaysia-visa-feesMalaysia is an amazing country in the South Asian subcontinent that is rich with culture, traditions and budding opportunities for young individuals. Malaysia has always been popular for its immense natural beauty and natural exotic locations. It is a very popular spot for tourism. In fact, it attracts thousands of tourists each year. Its tourism is a huge contributor to the overall economy of the country. However, in addition to tourism, there is a lot of other things that make Malaysia a leading Asian country and is attracting people to migrate to the country on a permanent basis. In this article, we talk about the expected Malaysia visa fees 2016-2017 that you will have to pay if you want to apply for a visa for Malaysia.

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Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-

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Visa for Malaysia is a smart choice

It is a very intelligent choice to move to Malaysia on a permanent basis or to go there to study. The opportunities are unlimited in the country. It is a very fast developing economic country that is absolutely budding with natural beauty and rich in natural resources. It is also a top choice for honeymooners and is also seen as one of the countries that are the biggest attraction for newly wed couples. However in any case, if you are not a Malaysian citizen then you must have a visa to travel to the country. In order to apply for a visa have a look first at the Malaysia visa fees 2016-2017

Apply for Malaysia Work Visa For International


Apply for Malaysia Student Visa

Looking to apply for a visa for Malaysia?

apply-for-a-visa-for-malaysiaIf you are a prospective applicant for the visa for Malaysia and have filled out the Malaysia visa application form as well then there is one thing that you should definitely know about it and that is the visa fees that you will have to pay. Visa services not include the visa processing fee charges but also include other charges as well such as the passport fees, visa handling, courier charges and the visa consultancy charges as well.

Visa Fee and Other charges:

To be able to apply for Malaysian Visa successfully it is first important to know what the visa charges are. It consist of the passport handling charges that the consultancy firm will charge you. Following are are the charges. All visas are processed in just 15 to 20 days.

Malaysia Work visa Azad with job placement

Malaysia Work Visa after arrival on Visit Visa.

Malaysia student visa 1 to 3 years.

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Living Cost in Malaysia while Studying

The work permit visa may charge the least amount of money out of all visa categories because it is issued by the employer or company and they may bear the expenses of the visa. This, however, depends on the company and it does not pay for the visa charges in all cases. This should be confirmed prior to visa application.

Documents required for applying for Malaysian Visa

If you are a prospective visa applicant for the Malaysian Visa you will have to submit the following documents in the partial compulsion of the fulfillment of the criteria to apply for Malaysian Visa. Your visa can not be processed any further if you do not have one of the following documents. Incomplete documentation will refute your process for a visa.

  • Cover letter on the company/business institution letterhead of the company your work for or your employer.
  • Visa applications hand written or typed
  • Visa applications (two copies) attested and typed
  • Original passport and passport photocopy
  • Original and photocopy of the NIC
  • Bank Statement of your bank account details of previous 6 months or 1 year.