Malaysia visa fee
Malaysia Visa Fee and Other Requirements by Consulate General of Malaysian
All those who want to get Malaysia visa either Malaysia student Visa or Malaysia Visit Visa or Malaysia Work Visa in 2016-17. He or she need to provide following documents and along with Malaysia visa fee. All cases are being handled by the Visa Service Centers of Malaysia.

Malaysia Visit Visa without Documents Pk Rs. 23,000/-

Malaysia Visa without Documents age less than 25 years : Rs. 25000/-

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Malaysia Visa Fee and Passport-handling charges are Rs.12,000/= (CASH). Which are charged by authorized Malaysia drop box.
All those Applicants who want to get Malaysian visit visa they need to submit the following documents.

Required Documents for Malaysian Tourist Visa

  1. One Copy of Covering letter ( Individual or Institution, typed written ) in case of visit visa
  2. Two Visa Application Forms (IM.47 – Pin.1/97) – typed written / bold
  3. Four Recent Photograph of Applicant (passport size with blue or white background)
  4. Original Passport & photocopy of passport (A4 size) validity of passport must be more than 6 (six) months during time of travel)
  5. Original & photocopy of Pakistan National Identity Card (CNIC) –(A4 size)
  6. Original & photocopy of Confirmed Airline Return tickets
  7. Original copy of Bank Statement for the last six months with bank statement
    1. Rs 100,000 for individual applicant
    2. sufficient funds to cover expenses of group travel
    3. must be verified / certified by the issuing bank through letter
    4. credit card statements for individual
    5. traveler’s cheque under visa applicant’s name only

Note: Individual bank statements are allowed for family travel only i.e. husband, wife and children or immediate family members only. AND for Group travel sponsored by company: Please refer to Para vii (b)

  1. . Invitation Letter from Malaysian sponsor is required for business visit or attending conference.

Malaysia Student Visa requirement for Pakistani citizen:  

Malaysia student visa requirement for Pakistani citizen is following. You need to get student offer letter from Malaysian education institute as well as Malaysia student visa from Malaysia immigration department. There is no bank statement required for Malaysia student visa.

  1. Original & photocopy of offer letter from university or college
  2. Original & photocopy of approval letter from Immigration Department, Malaysia
  3. Affidavit of support letter from sponsor & copy of sponsor CNIC
  4. Original copy of sponsor’s bank statement – verified by the issuing bank (sufficient funds to cover the student’s expenses)

Apply for student visa for malaysia from pakistan

For MM2H / Employment Pass (Temporary / permanent), Please add: 

  1. Original & photocopy of approval letter from Immigration Department, Malaysia
  2. Medical or Health certificate from approved medical center: Al Hilal Medical Centre. Taj Medical Center, Phase V, DHA, Karachi.

Malaysia Work Visa

Malaysia work visa is usually two types, this division based on they work

  • A to A Malaysia Work Visa
  • A to B Malaysia Work Visa

A to A Malaysia work visa means, employee will work at the place of visa awarding company.

A to B Malaysia work visa means, employee will not work at the place of visa awarding company. This is also called Malaysia Azad Visa. The most desired visa in Malaysia for internationals is Azad Visa.

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