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We hope you will consider moving to Canada for study purposes.

Yet one aspect that pops into your mind and that’s how?

You have come on the right place. We will tell you how you can go to Canada for study purpose.

For this, a letter of acceptance is required

What is a letter of acceptance?

The authority letter from a Designated Education Institute is considered a “Letter of Acceptance” to study in Canada without any question.

The institution called (DLI) in Canada

These are the institutions that have the provincial or territorial government’s approval or permission to host international students.

Even though it seems you need to go to the official bureaucrats of the processors, don’t worry!

It is made up of a large number of Canada’s largest post-secondary schools. You may be on the main list of your designated institution.

To learn the complete process of admission and benefits of Study in Canada: Study in Canada | Benefits and Process | Apply Now

  • An official confirmation that you can live in Canada is the certificate of approval to work in Canada. This contains the personal information of the applicants, the curriculum and the institution’s data.
  • It also includes tuition fees, timeline for study, scholarship if you have any requirements for registration.
  • In the meantime, you can prepare a study permit for your documents. You will be prepared to submit your study permit documents in Canada as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance.
  • The following list of items is required for DLI acceptance letter. At the point of applying for a research visa, the applicant must request.
  • Full name, date of birth and your mailing address;
  • • College name and official contact; • School form, whether private or public. The school is funded by the government, but not by a university. Instead state whether the school is a post-secondary, religious, or technical college.
  • • Degree and year of training with the curriculum area you were admitted into.
  • • The approximate period of your plan of research, • Identify the day on which your course of study begins;• Identify the last day you will apply for your course; • Year of enrollment for academics.
  • • Whether full-time or part-time courses are available.
  • Mention if you have a scholarship or other financial aid;
  • The expiry date of the document shows the date of authenticity of the letter of acceptance;
  • The educational institution clearly indicates that they are generally verified by letterhead;

Get to know how DLI chooses an application for a letter of acceptance


The DLI (Designated Learning Institute) must check whether you fulfill the general admission or specific program criteria when applying for review.

The basic specifications are either English or French. It depends on the institution’s primary language on the campus.

Language can also be a prerequisite for the school that you choose to join. For examples, if you’re not speaking English and your primary language is not English. Unless exemptions apply, you may need to provide evidence of adequate language skills.

The specific program is based on whether or not a target student has completed the necessary pre-requisites for the intended study program.

Canadian universities and colleges, including prior academic records, can provide exposure to applicants on standards above general and program-specific specifications.

Are you eligible for the letter of acceptance? Find out here!

As a bright and knowledgeable pupil, you will be expected to provide a conditional letter of admission to IRCC that allows you to be eligible to enrol in a program once it is finished.

Of examples, before your study program, you may be asked to complete English as a second language or French as a second language course.

After completing the prerequisite, after successful completion of the admission requirements, you can apply for another study permit for the intended study program.

Who are exempted from the letter of acceptance?


A visitor who is; • A family member of foreign nationals whose demand for a study permit is accepted in writing before reaching Canada is disqualified, according to the following situation. This is not the guarantee that the work permit application will be approved.

Conditional letter of acceptance

A applicant may receive a conditional letter pointing out that after successful completion of a prerequisite program such as English as a second language or French as a second language, the university may require him to register at the school.

Exempted students from the letter of acceptance

Several applicants may be excluded from the admission letter conditions• If a foreign student is accepted before reaching Canada for a job or research permit. Without a letter of approval for research, he or his family will apply for a study permit.

  • Students wishing to study for a period of six months or less do not need a letter of acceptance because they do not need a study permit.

Students who have successfully completed their pre-requisite curriculum will then have to apply for a letter of approval for research permit and state that the entry criteria have been met.