Jiangsu Normal University CSC Scholarship 2019

Graduate Study Programs:

Master’s degree: Mechanical Engineering; Sweet Potato Biology; International Trade; Marketing

Doctoral Program: Sweet Potato Biology

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School system:

Master’s degree: 2 years; PhD student: 3-4 years.

Scholarship Value:

Tuition, accommodation, living expenses and comprehensive medical insurance for the graduate students are funded by the Chinese government.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Citizens of non-Chinese nationality are in good health and abide by Chinese laws and the regulations of Jiangsu Normal University.
  2. Those who are studying for a master’s degree in China must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35 .
  3. Those who are studying for a doctoral degree in China must have a master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
  4. The TOEFL score is not less than 75 points or the IELTS score is not less than 6.0 points (English speakers are exempt from this requirement).

Application Procedure (How to Apply):

  1. The applicant submitted an application to Jiangsu Normal University.
  2. Apply to the China National Fund Committee Management Committee to apply for the online registration information platform https://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina/  (Jiangsu Normal University Code: 10320 ).
  3. Go to https://jsnu.17gz.org/member/login. Do to apply and upload the relevant materials.
  4. The results of the audit will be notified to the applicant by Jiangsu Normal University by email.

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Application materials:

  1. Chinese Government Scholarship Application Form
  2. Notarized highest academic qualifications. If the applicant is a student at the school, he/she must submit the proof of attendance issued by the school.
  3. Learning transcripts.
  4. Study and research plans in China. Written in English, no less than 800 words.
  5. CV (Resume).
  6. 2020 Jiangsu Normal University Tutor Recommendation Form (a blank recommendation form can be uploaded during the application phase).
  7. Passport Scan home page.
  8. A copy of the Foreign Physical Examination Form. The originals are kept by themselves. This form is printed by the Chinese Health and Quarantine Department and can be downloaded from the website of the China Scholarship Council http://www.csc.edu.cn/studyinchina or http://www.campuschina.org . . Applicants should strictly inspect the items required in the Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form. The “Foreign Physical Examination Form” that is missing, not attached to the photo or photo on the photo without a seal, no doctor or hospital signature and seal is invalid. The inspection result is valid for 6 months;
  9. TOEFL or IELTS transcripts;
  10. Other supporting materials, such as books, awards, work or internship experience.

The above materials are uploaded in PDF format and bound in the upper left corner in the above order (two volumes). Application materials are not returned regardless of admission.

Application Deadline: 1st May 2020