how-to-save-money-while-studying-abroadIf think about, saving money might be your biggest goal while studying abroad because of all the difficulties you are going to have to deal. Your expenses can really go high when you move to totally strange land far away from your home. If you are unaware of this hindrance then I suggest you read article Expenses Students have to Endure while studying Abroad. As WSLconstultans always try to solve all the interferences you may have to face in your education, today we have brought another solution to a problem that you will certainly undergo while studying abroad. Following are the best tips How to Save Money While Studying Abroad.1 – Register a Dorm:

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Register-a-DormIf you have not yet moved to a foreign country for education, I would say register a dorm in your university prior hand. Dorm is a hostel facility provided by the university. As soon as you get admission in any university, it is best to register a dorm for yourself. Why dorm, you must think. Accommodation is the biggest expense student has to face while studying abroad. University dorms are the cheapest mean of accommodation you can possibly get. There can be a shortage of it or may be some other problem so it is best to register one while you are still in your homeland.

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2 – Cook Yourself:

Cook-YourselfFood and snacks is the second biggest expense student has to face while studying in a foreign country. Eating or ordering food from outside can be pretty costly, especially when you are in a country where currency is many times stronger than your country’s currency. International students might really feel the cost difference in these items.

This sound like a minor detail, however, cooking yourself at your place can really save you lots of money. You can prepare food for whole week of the cost you spend for one day’s lunch and I don’t mean it metaphorically. Cooking yourself can also assure your health, it is a healthy activity and you can even impress your friends with it.

3 – Less Use of Debit and ATM Card:

Less-Use-of-Debit-and-ATM-CardIt is a universally known fact that banks are evil. To be honest, I also know it from my personal experience. Using an ATM or debit card in a foreign country will cost you a fortune and for no reason. These banks charge even though they are giving you your own money back. Using a bank account is important but try to avoid its use as much as you can.

It is better to take big amount of money every time, so you don’t have to do it very often. And if you use a debit card, it’s a psychological fact that you don’t value your money as much and spend it openly as it is virtual. Some international ATMs will charge you up to $5.00 just to take out money. Keep in mind that credit card companies also charge you for using your card at a foreign cash register, so cash is always preferable

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4 – Budget Travel:

Budget-TravelNo matter where you are, there is always need of traveling. As is the fashion, we need to use some sort of vehicle for this. Now, it’s highly unlikely for you to buy a bike or car abroad. So, our next option is public transport and taxis. A taxi or cab is quite expensive, even more expensive than buying a car or bike. So, we need to find a ways that is useful and also not very expensive. There are two options for that.

First option is to buy a bicycle. Bicycle can go anywhere though it can be difficult for long journey. But Bicycle doesn’t need any gas or petrol to run. You also don’t have to buy any parking for it. You can easily use it inside and outside the campus.

Second option is to use Busses and local trains. Public transport are usually not very expensive but save to money from them you can get a monthly card package or something like this. In some foreign countries, there is also cheap transportation card for students provided by the university.

Other than mentioned transportation, you might also want to visit your homeland every now and then. It is better to schedule your visits in advance. Try to keep a strong heart, and use this international transportation as less as you can as international flights can be expensive.

5 – Don’t buy all books:

Dont-buy-all-booksWhen I heard this one, I thought it entirely useless until I went to its detail. We think how much stationary and books can cost, it can’t be that expensive but fact is the opposition here. In many countries books can be pretty expensive and range from $100 to $500. In semester program, you will need about 6 books each. You will have to buy 6 books each semester. Senior international students say, we should not buy all books at once. You should only buy a book when very necessary or you can simply keep taking notes or share it with others since after your 4 months of semester you will not need it again.

6 – Use Skype:

I am not advertising for Skype but it is actually a very helpful service. You are definitely not unmindful of Skype. It can really help you save lots of money while you are abroad. You may be confused how. Well, do you have any idea, how expensive international calls are? You surely can’t live without talking to your mother, father, brother, sister, wife, fiancée or whatever relation. These calls get even more expensive when you call from a foreign country to Pakistan. Skype not only provides you video calls but it is also free. You just have to get internet connection for that. Internet is cheap in most developed foreign countries. This will save money while studying abroad and lots of it.

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7 – Make friends with the local students:

Make-friends-with-the-local-studentsMaking locals of natives your friend of the particular country can also help you save money while studying abroad. It is so because natives are very well conscious of their region and lifestyle. They know all the hacks and techniques to save money and usually they all live according to it. For example, you definitely know, what is best the place to eat in your area according to cheapness and quality. Likewise, you also know the cheapest way to travel around your city.