how Pakistanis are treated abroadHow Pakistani students are treated abroad? There has always been confusion in our minds whether we will be treated nicely or be referred as mediocrity in their home, if we go to a foreign country for higher education.This dilemma is totally normal and also a misconception. Here I have gathered the most common queries we Pakistani students have in our minds about treatment we will receive abroad and with that I have also mentioned all sensible answers to guide to you out of any hindrance you may be facing when planning to abroad.

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1 –   How Most Pakistani Behave Abroad?

As far as my experience is goes, usually all foreigners behave very decently in an abroad country. That is specially the case with Pakistanis. They follow all laws; ignore all misbehavior’s and everything that may hurt them. They mostly try to live a humble life and prove themselves a wonderful citizen.

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This all does not go vain as they are always fully paid back by giving a place as citizen. No matter what country you go to, it’s almost always the same.But one thing that is the worst about behavior of Pakistanis abroad; they are ashamed of calling themselves a Pakistani.It doesn’t matter how world sees Pakistan, it is our job to change their perception. But instead, Pakistanis try to hide their identity as if they are ashamed of being a Pakistani.

2 –   Are We Considered Inferior?

This is just a misconception that in foreign country, they would look at us like we are some monkeys and they are superior to us.It is just as they say in Psychology “inferiority complex”, it is our state of mind that we consider ourselves inferior otherwise we got nothing to worry about. Do not forget that Pakistan is a Nuclear power with rapidly growing economy and one of the most powerful. So, the answer is NO we are not considered inferior and treated equally.

3 –   Are We Seen as Terrorists?

There have been a few incidents where some Muslims were marked as terrorists and treated poorly in countries like United State of America. But it’s mostly just in USA and what we hear is also usually just one side of the story. After 9/11 there were some occasions where we felt like English countries are not for Muslims anymore, however, time has yet changed.

Most of the Pakistanis are now seen as victim than being terrorist because world is aware of the grave instances that happened in Pakistan like APS attack and now they stand with us on that. Besides, being called terrorist has nothing to do with Pakistan because it is just an act of racism executed by some illiterate foolish goons who think they know everything and usually end up in jail.

4 –   Do We Get Rights and Respect?

Just like discussion above How Pakistani students are treated abroad? my answer is yet again positive. YES, all Pakistanis get all the rights and respect just like any other international student. As a matter of fact, International students are treated much nicely because they are seen as educated people who are now their guest. Guests are respected in every part of the world.

When an international student goes abroad, he pays more education fees than any domestic student and it is better for their economy since you are a customer for them. Other than that, you will buy clothes, food, pay rent, use transport etc. and with all this, it is very beneficial for any country to have international students there. With you being so beneficial for them, they will definitely take special care of you; you are respected and given all your rights. Everyone knows that foreigners always behave nice so they also return the favor.

5 –   How Teachers Treat?

Teachers are hired to teach international student for higher education are the most educated and qualified people you will find in the world. They all have exceptional communication skills and they are real professional. Educated people really like the students who practically moved abroad to a strange land for the sole purpose of achieving quality higher education. It is their job to provide students with it and they fulfill their duty with passion.

University teachers are specially advised to behave nicely with international students since they would be nervous being thousands of miles away from their home. There is really no need to worry if teachers will be selfish to you. They are, of all people, the last you may expect to hurt you.

6 –   How Students Treat?

Yourself being a student, a question will also come in your mind that How Pakistani students are treated abroad? The answer is that you will find hundreds of many other students just like you, away from their homeland seeking quality higher education. You will find all types of domestic and international students in your class. University life and studies don’t work without groups, intentionally or unintentionally, your will become a part of a group that will most probably comprise different colors, language and nationalities. This is how student life works in a foreign country.

You must be aware how friends are supposed to be, well, relations are also same as in Pakistan. Your friends group will be the bunch of students you will spend your whole degree program with. There will be domestics of that specific country by whom you will always be guided and taken care of, in all sort of hindrance.

All students in universities specially like international students. I am not saying everyone is and will be good. They are all human just like you. You will find good and bad people. There will be some who will become an important part of your life. On the other hand, there may be some bullies who will try to destroy your peace of mind. But, all of this is totally manageable and depends on you how your react in these situations.

7 –   How Management Treat? How Pakistani students are treated abroad?

This may be the last, but I would say, the most frequently asked and believed question. Like the life we have been living in Pakistan we think, if this is how we are treated in Pakistan, what will they do to us in foreign land? We always have a problem with management whether it’s school, college, job or any department or company.

Management is an art that uneducated and illiterate can’t perform but in foreign country where they expect international students, they always hire the best and most glowing collaborative team. No matter what problem an international student may have, even for their accommodation and visa, they are provided an office for them inside the university to guide in all their difficulties. So, you do not need to worry if management will be supportive or not. They are paid to help you and interact with you.