HEC laptop scheme


HEC laptop scheme is known by each student in Punjab. This scheme is well aware of the laptop schemes by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. In laptop schemes of Prime Minister, all students of government who fulfill the merit criteria are awarded with a laptop.This scheme is executed every year and hundreds of thousands of students receive a laptop which will help them in studies and grooming so they can grow further and play their part for the development of Pakistan in future.This great mission started from Punjab and now it has stretched in all over the Pakistan, hec laptop scheme 2017.

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HEC Laptop Scheme in 2017 for private students

Punjab government announced HEC laptop scheme to award laptops to students of private universities on merit. Punjab government will distribute laptops from 13 March in 1 Lac 16 Thousand student after 3 years. Provincial Minister Higher Education, Syed Raza Ali Gillani, said in interview that Punjab Government will distribute laptops in all Punjab, including Lahore, students of private universities.

HEC laptop scheme eligibility criteria

Tips to become eligible for PM Laptop scheme.

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5 thousand students of private universities that are established according to chartered rules will receive laptops in HEC laptop scheme. Punjab Higher Education Commission will design a formula for the selection of students educating in private universities according to which students will be scrutinized on merit basis. Minister of Education said that laptops will be distributed among 1 Lac 16 thousands students of universities and colleges and all it will be made to award laptops on merit in a clean way so that every student can avail his or her due right. please find the pmnls hec laptop registration form from HEC website.

All students from all around the Pakistan, educating in private universities are equally eligible for HEC laptop scheme. It was really discouraged the idea of awarding laptops to only students in government. Their complaint was that they are also as same students as those who are studying in government universities and they will also play the exact or more part in future for the good of their nation then why are government universities’ students are preferred over us. Now in hec laptop scheme phase 3 it has been announced for all private and public university’s students.

HEC laptop scheme updates and news

If you are a student of a private higher educational institute then it is golden chance for you to receive a laptop in HEC laptop scheme. I guess, somehow this protest must have reached Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif. Next thing to do is to wait for the next announcement by the government. To get laptop scheme latest news about HEC laptop scheme keep visiting WSLConsultants and contact your university officials as they will be first to inform if your university will be selected to grant laptops.