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What Future of Students in Canada? Students usually prefer going abroad for their higher studies in hope for a better life ahead. Studying abroad provides them the opportunity to explore not just a new place and an environment but also get a closer look of themselves as a person, find our ones’ potential.

This experience provides you with a vast exposure which helps you perceive things in a way unknown to you, helping you find out easier ways to look at critical things in different aspects. However when the topic under discussion is studying abroad, there are a multiple options to choose from, but Canada is one that has been gaining rather drastic number of international students.

Why is Canada receiving a huge increase in International students?

There are multiple reasons for this dramatic increase. Some of them are enlisted below;

  • Quality of life: Canada has been ranked in the list of top most countries for residence. The major reason for this lies behind the fact that Canada offers a high quality of life. It has a diverse range of cultures, most of them dully celebrated on respective occasions. There is hardly any discrimination in Canada as all cultures are respected and practiced. It is famous about the Canadians that they are extremely humble, polite and above all a group of embracing individuals as a nation. This offers security and a sense of being wanted.


  • Quality education: the quality of education is a major factor which drives international students in the country. The education of Canadian institutes is as equivalent to that of other high English-language countries such as the USA, The UK and Australia. Canadian institutes are well known for various courses and their skilled instructors who further drives the students in.


  • Fee structure: with the level of education quality and quality of life offered to international students in Canada, another of the major driving force of the entrance of international students into this sector is the fee structure it offers. Studying abroad, with all its advantages is yet refused mainly due to the expenditure factor, not only tuition fee but also living expenses. However, yet again Canada is able to excel in this department as it offers fairly low tuition fee and living expenses for foreign students when compared to The USA, the UK and Australia.

The most important driving force for international students future:

Canada is an amazing country to not only study in but also to live in. Apart from all its advantages which turns out to be great driving forces for international students to come to Canada, the future Canada provides these foreign countries is what they mostly look forward to.

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First off, Canada is few of those countries which invite foreigners to come and settle, this was majorly the case when a couple of decades back, Canada went into under population.  This is one of the reasons why immigration requirements and process is comparatively easier than other countries.

The option that students can reside within Canada gives them better hope for a well-established life. Since the year 2008, changes in immigration policy were made which had made it more feasible for foreign students to get permanent residence in Canada.

All this while, Canadian institutes are focused on getting fee-paying foreign students, resulting as a source of revenue as well as a strategy to enhance their international profile and network. Infact, just recently the task force suggested that Canada has nearly doubled the number of foreign students from 239,000 in 2011 to 450,000 by 2022.

Similar to the factor that studying abroad brings out a new way of perception in an individual is a reason why students want to opt for this, the international populations is also considered unique by the employers.

Employers believe, the way of thinking and comprehending situations of foreign candidates is different from their own, thus making them more suitable for a job where critical thinking and handling is required.

With the certain set of different previous exposure, cultures, and traditions, the international candidates applying for their jobs are unique and more valuable. Hence where there are better options at a successful life and career, individual is bound to abide to that location

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