Engineering in Turkey

A good quality education is the basic requirement of a healthy and successful life ahead. Especially when you have the opportunity to study abroad, an educational experience becomes adventurous and far interesting than before.

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Study Engineering in Turkey

Turkey is a gorgeous country with countless possibilities. More than this, imagine obtaining a degree from the second best economy in the world which happens to be growing at a surprising rate.  Since their tourism has been well developed over the years, they tend to further keep up their good name by investing in their universities. A plus to all of this is that not only many universities in Turkey offer English medium studies and are open for international students but also, English is the commonest foreign language in the whole of Turkey.

Unlike most economically strong countries, Turkey Visas are quite easier to obtain. Also, if you are an ordinary passport holder, you might not even require a Visa to begin with, however you can still buy an Electronic one easily.

Why to choose engineering to study in turkey?

Engineering is one of the most commonly practiced study available in the world, it owns this rank due to major satisfactory outcomes it brings along. Passionate engineers are who have been aiding the entire advancement in the world and in order to become one, besides having interest you need a good competitive university. You can Study in Engineering in Turkey because Turkish universities have the brain power to compete the world top universities and they tend to make a pertinent base of an individual in this field. In order to do so, engineering in Turkey is challenging but guarantees strong foundation.

Uludag University Engineering Scholarships Programs

Uludag University in Turkey is an auspicious educational center, being ranked as 15th best university in Turley. From Engineering to Architecture and Fine Arts, from Social Theology and Education to Sports Sciences, from Medicine to Law, Uludag University is a hub of different dimensions of careers. Uludag University also offers a wide range of engineering scholarships for international students as well.

Engineering Degrees in Turkey

Being one of the top ranked institutes of Turkey, Uludag University has outshined in many courses, such as Engineering. The level of courses Uludag provides are mentioned below:

  • Bachelors in Engineering: BS in Engineering is offered in multiple fields of Engineering
  • Masters in Engineering: the University also provides an opportunity to complete your higher education in engineering as well.
  • D in textile engineering: doctoral studies in textile engineering are also available.

Study Architecture from Turkey

Architecture is too a top ranking faculty in Uludag University. It offers the following degree programs;

  • Bachelors: Architectural Bachelors is available at Uludag
  • Master’s: you can pursue your higher education here as well in architecture.

Engineering & Architecture Courses in Ulugad University for International Student

Further in the field of Engineering, Uludag University has a wider range of options such as given below;

  • Mechanical Engineering: Mechanical engineering teaches about the inside and out of machines, how they work, how they are designed and constructed, etc.
  • Electrical-Electronic Engineering: engineering study that deals with electrical electronics, circuits and other devices which use electricity.
  • Automotive Engineering: a form of vehicle engineering which deals with cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes etc.
  • Industrial Engineering: teaches to construct systems which would bring together workers, materials, information, machines, and the power to make a product or service.
  • Food Engineering: this focuses upon food processes, packaging, following FDA regulations to ensure security etc.
  • Textile Engineering: the work of the textile engineers is to design equipment to produce desired fabrics and yarns etc.
  • Civil Engineering: branch of engineering that is based upon our physically and naturally built environment, including construction of bridges and roads etc.
  • Biosystems Engineering: biological and environmental engineering brought together.
  • Environmental Engineering: includes the usage of engineering knowledge to maintain and improve the environment.

Uludag University Turkey is also well known and globally recognized by its architecture department as well.

  • Department of Architecture: here, students learn not only to process and plan a product’s design but also construct what they have envisioned. Famous buildings which appear to be works of art indeed are, designed by architects.

Study Bachelors & Masters in on scholarship in Turkey

Every year, turkey offers numerous scholarships for international students to benefit from. Some of these are mentioned below and you can further dig in on them by contacting the WSL Consultants.

  • Generous Scholarships are available in MBBS in Uludag University, depending upon the weightage of their Fsc and tests grades.
  • Turkish Government scholarships are also being offered to extraordinary students which would require students to attend Turkish language courses at least.
  • Merit scholarships are also awarded to international students according to their high merit lists
  • Independent merit lists scholarships is also a thing in Turkey. In these, your applied university provides additional benefits such as partial funds etc.