education-system-in-indiaUniversities in the USA are renowned all over the world for providing quality education, a number of courses, world class educational environment and many more reasons.Numbers of students in the world have the aim of studying in these universities and have a chance to get a quality education and experience the top quality educational atmosphere. There are a number of universities and colleges in the USA that are ranked under top 100 universities in the world like Harvard University, Stanford University and the university of Pennsylvania are to name a few.To know the complete information regarding study in USA, please visit this post.

Every number of students all over the world comes to study in the USA. As per the stats, more than 600,000 students from different Countries comes to the USA for their higher education. Stats show that more than 90,000 students out of these are from India which clearly shows the popularity of the USA amongst Indian students. Education USA Centre is also one of the causes for the popularity of colleges in the USA. Education USA centers promote higher education in the USA. It has its various centers all over the world including India as well. These centers provide ample information about various Universities and colleges, education programs, intake session and every other necessary detail that are required by students to get admission in desired universities.

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High standards of education and top universities are not the only reasons for such popularity. There are various other reason that attracts students towards theUSA like bright career prospects as all the major companies in the world are in the USA, global exposure, rich cultural heritage, excellent training and growth opportunities. As there are myriad advantages of studying in the USA and that is the reason for tough competition amongst the students for studying in Australia. Many talented students every year gets disappointed due to rejection of their application and cause for this rejection is lack of knowledge looking up to such problems USIEF (United States-India Education Foundation) is established which is affiliated to US Department of States . USEF has its four centers all over India including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai. USIEF is the only official Education System in India.

United States India Education Foundation has helped a number of Indian students who were interested in various colleges in the USA. USIEF provides unbiased, sufficient and timely information to the interested students. USIEF staff members are approved trainer from United States Department of States which have a good experience in the same field. These councilors provide free of cost and fee-based counseling service providing the required details about getting about the course, universities, finance required and every other thing that is required.

The Quality services of USIEF includes

  • Special Information session on various admission procedures.
  • Personal Counseling (advice on how to choose universities and courses, financial statement, how to write the personal statement and other required details).
  • Basic information and overview of US higher Education system and application Procedure.
  • Attestation of Academic documents
  • Counseling over how to get the visa and how to file the application.
  • Pre- Departure information for students that helps them to connect to universities once they reach the USA.
  • Organizing various fairs US University Fairs, Alumni Fairs, US University information sessions

In the recent times, it has been seen that USIEF has played a vital role in the growth of a number of Indian students studying in the USA. USIEF is the dedicated source of information and as it is the official organization it saves students from many fake organizations which have the sole aim of deriving money from students.