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Prospective international students seeking to study at a Canadian institution will receive a letter of approval from a Designated Learning Institution.

Applicants must provide their school of choice with the Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #). The DLI number is the number that begins with the letter “O” on the application form for the research permit. Please check list of DLI

  • In some cases, students may be exempted from providing a letter from a DLI, or from providing their application with a DLI number. Such instances may include, but are not limited to:
  • Primary or secondary school students. All of these schools are named immediately, and there is no DLI total.

A family member of a foreign national whose approval is accepted in writing for a work permit or research visa before the foreign national joins Canada. The family member may seek a free research permit in this situation.

  • Many Quebec institutions are provincially named, but do not have a specific DLI number

To learn about the complete study process, process and benefits in Canada, please visit the page: Study in Canada | Benefits and Process | Apply Now

  • Institutions can sometimes sacrifice their assigned rank. The foreign student may be impaired based on when the rank is lost.
  • If a study permit application is submitted by an individual with a letter of acceptance from an institution that is not a DLI, the application for a study permit is refused.
  • Where a person submits a study permit application with a letter of approval from the DLI but the organization loses its approved status before the research permit can be given, three options are available to the applicant. He or she is entitled to:
  • Withdraw the application;
  • Send a letter of acceptance from another DLI;
  • Do nothing, in which case the request will be processed according to the information provided. Therefore, the application will be denied.

If a person requires a DLI research permit and the organization loses its approved status after the study permit is given, there are two choices for the applicant. He or she may:

Transfer to another DLI;

Continue to study at the non-designated institution until the expiration of the study permit. In this scenario, for the non-designated organization, the research authorization may not be extended.