cost and expenses in Malaysia

The education offered by Malaysia is really a valuable deal in terms of value for money. Many international students now prefer this country because cost and expenses in Malaysia are really less as compared to other countries such as US, Australia, UK, Canada and France. Also, there is a great range of options available in terms of study. Foreign campuses of big universities are present here. As a whole it offers really high quality of education in a competitive cost. Some of the cost estimates that are offered in Malaysia are presented in this article.

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Education cost in comparison of other countries

The annual estimate of tuition fee in Malaysia is really less. If a person study in USA, his tuition fee expenses will be $18,000. This is really high and mostly not affordable by everyone. Likewise, the cost of studying in Canada per year is $13,000. Both Australia and UK have the estimate of annual tuition fee to be $15,000. As compared to these, if an international student study in Malaysia, The cost and expenses in Malaysia have to pay only $5,000 in a year. This shows that the tuition fee is affordable with the availability of high quality education from recognized universities.

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Components included in education cost

When we talk about cost and expenses in Malaysia there are certain factors. Not only tuition fees, there are some of the other components that are added in it to cover complete expenses. Most of the people are worried about these extra expenses that may occur during the time period of study. First of all there is registration fee that should be paid to enroll the student in any program. Then, foreign students also have to pay some deposit as a security. This should be paid in every country no matter where the foreign students go for study. Some additional fees other than tuition fees include science or computer library charges. Malaysia is a safe country however; the payment of hospital and health insurance should also be done to ensure the safety of students. Library charges are paid to offer students with study material. Some other incidental costs are also included that may occur from time to time such as examination fees.

Non academic charges included in Cost and expenses in Malaysia

Other than the academic charges mentioned above, some of the non academic charges are also paid by the students. The most prominent of them is visa fees for students. The charges of any recreational activities are also included in this category.

Cost of living in Malaysia

Staying away from home is not an easy task and the students should know how to maintain a balance in their bank account at the end of every month. The international students have a major advantage of studying in Malaysia that their living cost is really less. Not only inside is the campus, the life outside also affordable in many respects. This also depend on the place student decide to live. The monthly budget of $469 or RM 1,500 is enough for a student to live a comfortable lifestyle in Malaysia.

Living Cost in Malaysia While Studying