Cheapest Turkey Universities for Pakistani Students

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Overview For Cheapest Turkey Universities

Turkey is a country linking two entirely different civilizations of Eastern Europe and Western Asia with cultural connections to ancient Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman empires. Students from different cultures visit the cheapest Turkey universities for study purposes. Turkish universities are top-ranked in the world and have a lot of low tuition fees, ranging from 600US$ to 1500US$ per year.

Even the cost of accommodation is also on the low side approximately at 300US$ to 400US$ per month. In this article, you will know about the Turkish universities with extremely and relatively low tuition fees for international students.

Why Study In Turkey

The quality and standard of the higher education system in Turkey have changed and highly developed in the last few decades. According to the reports of The Times Higher Education BRICS and Emerging Economies Rankings 2014; in the international university ranking list seven Turkish universities were in the top 100 and three of them were in the top ten and these Turkish universities are still progressing and developing.

Now the Turkish universities are also offering a variety of programs in the English language like Medicine, Engineering, Humanities, Business and Finance, Arts and Technology, etc. Furthermore, the rate of tuition fees is much cheaper at public universities than at private universities.

List of cheapest Turkish universities and colleges:

Here is the list of cheap tuition universities and colleges in Turkey:

  • Mugla University

Mugla Sitki Kocman University, established in 1992 is a public university with the faculty of Arts & Sciences and Humanities. Moreover, there is the faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the faculty of Technical Education, and the Faculty of Fisheries.

The university provides vocational training facilities, also supports research programs in various fields of the social, natural, and pedagogical sciences and as well as in the areas of the Arts and Humanities. This university provides meaningful education with extremely low tuition fees and several scholarship programs are also available.

  • Mustafa Kemal University

A non-profit public university, Mustafa Kemal University was established in 1992. This public university is located in the rural areas of the large town of Antakya. This university provides fully-funded scholarships to international students.

  • Near East University (Cyprus)

The Near East University was established in 1988 and is located in Nicosia which is the capital of North Cyprus. Being a public international higher education institution, this university employs highly qualified staff and also offers highly extensive undergraduate and postgraduate education opportunities. More than twenty-six thousand (26,000) students come here from over 100 countries. 

The Near East University comprises 16 faculties having 220 departments and programs. There are four high schools, 28 research institutes, and various foreign memberships.

  • Nigde University

Nigde University is situated in the most famous area of Turkey, Central Anatolia. This university is located six kilometers away from Nigde and is a famous public university of Central Anatolia with more than 14,000 students and more than 1100 staff members for these students. It is the cheapest university in Turkey in which international students can apply and can get their degrees almost free of cost.

  • Okan University

The most famous public university in Istanbul is Okan University. It is the only city that connects two continents and different civilizations of Europe and Asia. More than 8000 students study at Okan University. This university offers around 52 undergraduate programs, 27 graduate programs, and 5 Ph.D. programs. Total 5 faculties and 2 graduate schools of applied sciences and health science are present in this University.

  • Dicle (Tigris) University

Dicle University is basically a research and higher education institute. In this university, students can study any academic degree from the following different programs; architecture, Arts and Design, Biosciences, Business, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, History, Economics, Finance and Accounting, Language, Medicine, Law, Physics, and many other courses are studied are here.

  • Dogus University

Dogus university was established in 1974. This was originally a High School at the same level as the Anatolian High School. With the high school, there were the primary school, Acibadem Kindergarten, the science high school, and Çamlica Kindergarten was also established within the following years. Dogs university providing quality education from Kindergarten to university level is the last link.

  • Dumlupinar University

Dumlupinar university was established on July 3, 1992. Therefore, it is one of the newest universities in Turkey. It is also one of the cheapest universities in Turkey providing quality education to national and international students.

  • Eastern Mediterranean University (Cyprus)

At Eastern Mediterranean University students must have to pay the full tuition fee for the first semester. More details will be available on the issued admission letter of the student. Installment payment method is only available to the students who are already registered. 

  • Erciyes University

Erciyes is also among the cheapest universities that international students can apply for. It is a Turkish institute of Higher Education. Erciyes University is situated in Kayseri, Turkey. According to the reports of 4 April 2006, a total of 28,474 students was currently studying for their bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees.

  • Fatih University Tuition Fees

It is basically a private university situated in Istanbul, Turkey. It was established in 1997 by the Turkish Health and Medical Treatment Association. There are different faculties opened in the Fatih University, which are following 

  • The faculty of Arts and Science
  • A faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
  • A faculty of Engineering 
  • The faculty of Medicine 
  • The Institute of Social Science
  • An Institute of Science and Engineering 
  • An Institute of Medical Science
  • The Institute of Biomedical Engineering
  • Nursing School and Vocational School of Medical Sciences


  • Ataturk University

It was a project proposed by the founder of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He spoke about the importance of education and the utmost need of establishing a large university in Eastern Anatolia during his Inauguration speech at National Assembly on 1st November 1937 and also gave instructions for further proceedings.

  • Baskent University

Baskent university is among the cheapest universities that international students can apply for. In this university students have to pay two equal installments before the spring and fall semester courses. 

  • Karadeniz Technical University

Karadeniz technical university was established in 1955 and is situated in Trabzon, the Black Sea Region of Turkey. It is basically a research university and the fourth oldest university in Turkey. It is also the cheapest university to which students can apply for.

  • Kirikkale University

Kirikkale university is one of the cheapest universities that international students can apply for. It was established on 3 July 1992. There are various faculties at this university.