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What is a study permit?

Canada’s study permit allows international students at designated learning institutions (DLI). Almost many international students need a study permit to study in Canada. You need documents before you apply or before you move to Canada. You must be approved by Canadian educational institutions in order to apply for a study permit.

There are some proofs which are required,

  •         You need to prove that you are financially strong and you can bear all the expenses i.e. bank statements, scholarship proof, parental bank statements.
  •         You follow all the laws and don’t have a criminal record.
  •         You have good health.
  •         After you complete studies, you will leave Canada.

It’s a Canadian rule that you cannot enter Canada without your study permit. Consult immigration office or website in case changing of a new law or any other things you need to consult before entering Canada.

To learn complete process of study in Canada, its process and benefits, visit the page : Study in Canada | Benefits and Process | Apply Now

Eligibility criteria:


If you want to be eligible for a study permit, you must:

  •         Get a letter of acceptance from designated learning institution in order to submit an application for a study permit;
  •         Prove you have enough financial support to cover the first year of tuition, as well as living expenses and transportation of your home country.
  •         You must not have a previous criminal record in your country; if you have then you may not be allowed to enter in Canada. For this purpose, IRCC can request you to supply a police clearance certificate.
  •         You must be having good health. IRCC will request you a medical examination.
  •         Make it sure to the immigration officer that you will leave Canada, as soon as your studies will be completed.

For the financial resources to be proven, the following documents are required:

  •          In the name of the applicant, the Canadian bank account statement if the money is moved to Canada.
  •         Proof of the educational loan from a school, if any,
  •         Proof of educational payments and living;
  •         If you got a scholarship from a Canadian institution, then proof of funding paid within Canada;

For the renewal of study permit

When you have a study permit, you can renew it during the courses of your studies. While carrying on your studies, if you want to change your course or institution, you don’t need to apply for a new study permit. However, you are required to update IRCC upon changing an institution.

You have an opportunity to move your course from Bachelor’s to Masters or change your subject without applying for a new study permit. You can study in Canada, as per your study is valid.

The conditions are only applied to change study permit if you want to switch from elementary school to high school or from high school to a post-secondary institution. The application will be submitted to the IRCC processing center in Bergville, Alberta.

You can stay in Canada, even after your graduation

You must keep in mind that your study permit will expire after the completion of your study program. You must update your status with IRCC within 90 days; otherwise, you will lose your status in Canada.

Most graduates are applying for a Canadian work permit. So don’t worry because you can also be eligible to work in Canada after three years of your education,

  •         Canadian Experience class allows Canadian permanent Residency to International students.
  •         Other than Canadian Experience Class, certain Provincial Nominee Programs are also running to facilitate international students.

To further find out the eligibility criteria for a study permit in Canada, you can ask here.