bringing spouse to canada

Canadian citizens can sponsor a spouse, common-law partners or any of the family members to Canada for permanent residence. This method is always preferred by foreigners because through this they do not have to meet educational or language requirements.

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Canada is the only country where families always prefer to live as much as possible together. In order to do this, the person has to abide by certain rules and regulations.  we have provided here all the processes and conditions for your help. 

The immigration process is the way in which the partner, family or counsel is introduced to Canada. This process allows a permanent residence within 6 to 8 months.

For detail information, see our page to learn how to complete the application process for Canada: Study in Canada | Benefits and Process | Apply Now

Sponsoring common-law partner

A student can sponsor his/her spouse or common-law partner.

  • The person is of the same gender or the opposite;
  • It only would be possible if both the applicants have been living together for at least one year.

You can Sponsor your spouse if

  • You are married
  • Your marriage has been recognized under all civil rights and legal civil marriage ;

Sponsorship Eligibility


  • You can be eligible if you have fulfilled all of the requirements such as;
  • The person you sponsor is family or blood relation.
  • You are more than 18 years of age.
  • A Canadian citizen
  • You and the endorsed person will sign an agreement that demonstrates that each one of you truly values your responsibilities and duties.

Financial requirements to support

  • You have to show minimum income to sponsor your relatives. However, Canadian authorities demand that you should have the minimum necessary income to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, and conjugal partner. You are responsible for their basic needs such as cloth, food, and medicine.

You only can become a sponsor

  • If you are a Canadian citizen and over 18 years of age then only you can sponsor your partner. You also have to meet all of your requirements.
  • If you are living outside of Canada then you have to show you are planning to live in Canada when your sponsored person becomes a Canadian permanent resident.
  • You can sponsor another person even if you are living outside of Canada but you are the permanent Canadian resident.

You cannot become a sponsor


  • If you want to sponsor your new spouse or partner and it has not been since three years that they become a permanent Canadian resident.
  • Received government’s financial help other than disability.
  • You didn’t pay your previously sponsored person financial assistance they received while undertaking agreement was in place.
  • If You are declared as a defaulter on an immigration loan.
  • You have been bankruptcy and you have not been discharged.
  • If You have committed a violent crime against Canadian law.
  • You committed a sexual offense
  • You are under a removal order
  • If you were in jail or in prison on a charge of any crime.
  • You didn’t pay an immigration loan or family support payments.

Sponsorship process

  • It doesn’t matter whether you are living in Canada or abroad. However, if you are living out of Canada then you have to make immediate plans to return to Canada when the sponsorship application will be approved.
  • You must have a look at the Canadian immigration website. Because it’s possible Canadian immigration laws may be changed.
  • You must pay an immigration fee with your application. This fee is non-refundable.
  • If your immigration application is approved, an immigrant visa will be issued. You have to pay A Right of Permanent Residence Fee for every person over 19 years old. So the visa could be issued. The sponsored person must come to Canada before the visa expiry date.

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