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There is news that the Study in Austria is going to be an amazing experience for students and they are going to enjoy a lot of benefits and Admission requirements in Austria. This guide will cover all the aspects of that news and will be providing you with useful information regarding the process of application, benefits, and ease of studying in Austria.

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According to a survey, Austria is ranked as the 12th wealthiest country in the world with respect to its GDP. More than 87, 000 students from all over the world come and study in Austria due to its educational benefits and a lot of other things too. If you also want to be a student in Austria and continue your study in Austria this guide would be helpful for you.

Decide which degree you want to pursue:

Whenever you are planning to go to Austria to get your education completed, first you need to search over the internet about the top-ranked universities of Austria and programs offered there. Then decide based upon the facilities in each university and your interest in the field.

Admission requirements in Austria

Every university in Austria would be having its own criteria and requirements but the few listed are common in almost all the universities there:

  • Most of the universities there require the know-how of the German language for their international students because many programs are taught in German in Austria.
  • You must be a proficient English speaker,
  • You have to submit the documents proving that you are entitled to apply for the degree program you have selected in Austria based upon the diploma or degree you have attained previously.
  • Some universities demand related professional experience from you if you have applied for a graduate degree.

Common Requirements in Austria

Following are some general requirements which you need to fulfill to apply for education in Austria:

  1. Get your documents ready if you are eligible for the admission
  2. The students who are from EEA or EU must have a photocopy of their passport, documents proving the last degree you had, a German proficiency certificate, IELTS or TOEFL certificate.
  3. Students who are not from EEA or EU should have photocopies of ID card or passport, German language certificate, certificate of IELTS, and proof of your previous degree.

Important aspects for Admission in Austria

Some universities take entrance exams and to get admission, you need to qualify them. The test is conducted 6 months prior to admission. Some universities also require professional experience regarding the field you have applied for.

Deadlines for application

In Austria, there are two deadlines and you being an applicant have to make sure that your documents have reached the university before the deadline.

  • For the students who are not from EEA/EU, the winter deadline is of 1st September and the deadline for summer is 1st
  • For the students who are from EU/EEA, the deadline for winter is mid-October and for summer it is mid-March.

Steps after you’ve applied

You are not done when you have applied for a program. There are certain things which you need to do:

  1. Wait until you get the acceptance letter
  2. Follow the procedure for enrollment
  3. Pay the fee

Apply for the Visa

Once you have finalized your admission, you need to apply for the visa, and for applying, you will need

  • Proof of your enrollment
  • Proof that you are having extra funds for your support
  • Clearance from police
  • Proof of accommodation and health insurance

Once you have attained your visa, you are now ready to go and get your education.

The news has also listed some of the benefits and Admission requirements in Austria are as follows:

  • According to the AQF, every student in Austria gets uniform rights. The regulatory bodies ensured their recognition and safety.
  • The quality of education in Austria is far away better than in many countries. That are providing educational facilities to international students.
  • Austria has a great population so it provides a lot of opportunities for great research studies to the students
  • The accommodation for international students is cheap in Austria as compared to many other countries.