Austria Student Visa

Austria Student Visa Overview:

The article includes details for Austria Student Visa and Pakistani students on entry and visa procedures. Many students do not apply for Austria, as Austria Student Visas has no proper information. The Austrian Embassy (in Islamabad) does not clear much of all questions relating to the visa proceeding and the requirement for students to register for a residence permit. It seems that the Embassy officials do not even understand how to convince the authorities in Austria that you will support your financial status. They don’t at least clarify that well. This complicates the visa process. Here you’ll find all details on Austria’s student visa entry and other process.

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Step 1: Austria Visa User Eligibility

One should have 16 years of schooling to apply in Master’s degree program in Austria. All the following quotes are eligible for Master’s in Austria:

  •       Intermediate + Graduation ( 4 year )
  •       Intermediate + Graduation ( 3 year ) + Master ( 1 year )
  •       Intermediate + bachelors ( 3 years ) + Master 2 years
  •       Intermediate + Graduation ( 2 years ) + Master ( 2 years)

The only thing to be able to apply for the bachelor’s program are the intermediate holders provided they satisfy language needs. Almost all Graduate programs are offered in Deutsch Language in Austria, but some courses taught in English language, please contact us for enrollment.

Step 2: Note the application dates

The deadlines for entry to the university differ. The bulk of colleges are intaken quarterly, and typically in autumn. Admission usually begins in February / March for autumn semesters (starting in September / October). The admission dates are generally in October for the Spring Semester (beginning in March / April). For the exact dates and details about admissions, you may visit the website of your prospective institution. 

Step 3: Selection of program

See given pages to identify the Austrian University study programs:

The website is in German, but search engine Google Translate is accessible. Information of each degrees curriculum cannot be contained on this platform but at least it can be found on the web to get further knowledge (the information of the program, the entry fees and everything else) on the institution..

You can contact us and help us in selecting a program and arrange admission to your required university to receive an admission in the required program.

Step 4:Prepare the necessary documents for admission

Travel document:Passport for university admission must also be legitimate, and this is an IELTS / TOEFL exam prerequisite also.

IELTS/TOEFL: It allows you to be accepted everywhere.

Document Attestation: Get your BISE, HEC and Foreign Affairs Ministry (Pakistan) accredited learning content. Get enough copies of HEC then you can register for a total of three or four institutes.

Documents attestation from Austrian Embassy:

Take your documents accredited by the Austrian Consulate it is not necessary for entry, but will ultimately be required for the visa.

Recommendation Letters: Get some letters of recommendation (2 or 3) from teachers at the university. Ask them to write a generic letter of recommendation, not limited to one institution, and you can use it to apply to different universities.

Step 5:Application procedure for Austria Student Visa

There is no central power Austria, unlike Sweden, Germany and Finland to accept and validate records. The admissions are conducted separately by each university. Ask us for details on the process for entry and tuition fees. Many institutions are online and upload the documentation online in printed form.  In certain cases your documents may be deferred until you will re-select.they will ask you for printout your documenst if you are pre-selected. The method differs between universities.

For Document Verification from Austrian Consulate

Austria Embassy address:

House No: 13, Street No: 1, F 6/3, Islamabad. TEL: 051-2209710/11

E-mail: E-mail:

Many Austrian institutions require students to submit copies of documents approved by the Austrian Embassy. Therefore, the records approved by the Austrian Embassy have no need to send them.

List of certified documents by the Austrian Embassy:

1- Academic Degree (Metric, Intermediate, BA / BSc and any other credential from a University in Pakistan).

2- Birth certificate (Embassy confirms your birth by submitting a representative to your local council)

3- Certificate of Police Clearance or Certificate of Police or Character (all are the same).

The verification is the first step in this attestation procedure. Embassy checks your every documents from an embassy-linked third-party organization or you need to pay “verification fee” for this service. This fee was about Rs. 23,000 in 2016. The embassy will contact you to retrieve the attested documentation when the records are checked. Embassy will mark signatur of Ambassador on the back side of you original documents. For registration, they charge thirty Euro per paper. In Pakistani rupees, you have to pay the equivalent amount.

You need to take appointment for the processing of papers.

Embassy just certifies the original documents, not the photocopies. You must submit the university photocopies of these approved papers. University can ask you, in some situations, to give them the embassy’s original documents. In this scenario, if you are not picked, the records will be returned to you. But it’s a risky operation. And here we can encourage you to be accepted to such universities and our officials in Austria can go to the university directly.

Language Requirements

If your chosen curriculum is in German, you will need to show your German language skills at the university. If the curriculum is in English, a certificate in English language proficiency (IELTS / TOEFL) will be needed for you.

Every university has a prerequisite of its own. IELTS band 5.5/6.0  is accepted by many universities. Others need a 90 (TOEFL) or 6.5 (IELTS) higher ranking.

You will be notify if you are admitted and you will also receive an entry letter. You can continue the visa process when you have the entry letter.

Step 6: Visa Process for Austria Student Visa:

You should continue the visa procedure when you have your documents approved by the embassy. This can be takes 4 to 8 weeks and the university admission letter.

Visa application is called “Application for Residence Program.” Youapply for a residence permit and embassy must contact you to request a Schengen visa form after your application has approved (usually takes 4-6 weeks). After submitting the Schengen visa form, you can obtain your visa in 10 days with your passport and visa fees.

The application form for a residence permit in German’s Consultants can help youcomplete this application and secure a residence permit.

The application fee is approximately 80 will paybefore filing your payment (including financial verification, proof of lodging, travel insurance proof, etc.).

Application for a residence permit is required for those who want to sat for more than six months in Austria. Students wishing to travel to Austria for minimum 6 months they no need to apply for a residence permit.

The residence permit application form can be acquired from us..

Proof of finances

You will show you have sufficient funds for the residence permit to meet the costs for one year (about 9500 Euros-for age above 24 years). Every year it improves a little bit. If you are below 24 in age, you will display around fifty three hundred euros equal Pakistani Rupees).

Proof of accommodation for visa:

While applying for a Residence Permit Resident, Austria Study you submits a certificate showing that you have lodgingin Austria for your term. You have to have reserved a room in a hostel or dormitory for that. The evidence of housing must typically be provided by the institution, if you are accepted. If you have not a student hostel / dormitory, you will book your own hostel / dormitory.

In this way, WSL consultants will support you, we will arrange some facilities for your Austria Student Visa application.

We will provide you with the room agreement that you can submit to the embassy.

You’re going to have to pay rent of 3 months in advance. Or insurance in this situation. You’re going to transfer that money to your account. If you do not come Austria, the advance security amount will be adjust but the rent of one month will not be adjust.

Proof of travel insurance:

When you apply for the visa from Pakistan you need a health insurance.

You must get a total of 3 months health insurance (better to get a 6-month plan) from your scheduled travel date. With your Residence Permit Form, you must send this insurance card.

Step 7: Life in Austria:

Estimated Living cost

For Austrian institutions, there is normally annually fee about € 363

The Expense is 300 to 400 Euros per month for a single person.single room (including housing, telephone, electricity costs and food). Space cost is usually between € 200 and € 250/month. You can reduce you expense if you share your rooms.

Throughout Austria, health insurance is a must. Once you land in Austria, you have to get it. It costs € 50 a month.

Part time Job in Austria:

In Austria, part-time many jobs available. You will gain between 500-800 Euros a month with odd jobs. You will work in small towns in Newspaper, and in big towns in restaurants and pizza shops. If you have a car then you must need a license. for the work of the newspaper, And also, this job is easy to do. For this purpose, an appropriate car can be purchased at a cost of 800-1200 Euros in Austria.