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Tanveer Abbas ( Managing Director)

Mr. Tanveer Abbas is managing director of WSL Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. He is also a senior member of the board of directors of WSL Consultants. He has vast knowledge and experience related to immigration laws and policies. He has experience of different kinds of study abroad, visits and immigration cases. He also handles immigration and work-related cases for different cases.

In 2011 Mr. Tanveer started consultancy services for study abroad. At that time WSL Consultants were dealing in Study in Malaysia cases. In later years different kinds of services were added like a study in Canada, a study in Austria, a study in Turkey, and study in China, etc.

Responsibilities of Mr. Tanveer is handling all kinds of inbound and outbound marketing of WSL Consultants. He is also responsible for dealing with international universities and institutes.

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Mozilem Hocaine (Writer)

Accomplishments: Around the country, for more than a decade He may work as a Speaker at many writing events; several editions of Writer’s Market are done by him; Undergraduate award-winner at the University in multiple writing disciplines, including Journalism, Fiction, and Technical writing.

Interests: Writing (all genres); family (being a good father and husband); faith; to maintain own health and fitness, fantasy football; reading.

Who I am? Mozilem Hocaine is specializing in poetry and blogging and plays as a writer and works as an editor. He is writing for WSL Consultants and he has expertise in content writing regarding study abroad, travel and tourism-related websites. He is a full-time writer and already written good quality of content for different sites.


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