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seems very irrational that someone could Obtain US Visa without having any travel history in past. But this thing happens a lot of times and it is no more irrational or unusual. There are a lot of people who travel for the first time and on the first attempt, they are able to get US Visa with a sponsor letter. If someone really wants to Obtain a US Visa without having any traveling history, then he must have to get a complete idea about the types and categories of a US to visit visa. For visitors, there could be two basic categories for traveling to the US on a visit visa and those two categories are mentioned below:

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US visit visa US Visa with Sponsor Letter

Visit Visa for the USA is the visa which is granted by the Embassy of the US in any country which is like a permit for the person to have a visit to the USA. The visa granted by the US embassy is given to the applicant in two categories, different from each other.

The categories of visa issued by the US embassy are mentioned as follows:

  • B-1 visit visa
  • B-2 visit visa

B-1 Visit Visa

type of visit visa is granted for business purposes. People who want to visit the US for business purposes need to apply for the B-2 category of visit visa. They must be having a business invitation which represents their purpose of visiting the US.

B-2 Visit Visa

The second category is the B-2 visit visa and you need to apply for this visa if you want to visit the US for tourism, family event, or for any sort of medical treatment. Normally what happens is, both the categories of visas are issued to the applicants for the combined purposes, like the people who have availed the business purpose visa can also enjoy visiting several places and could visit their friends and family living in the US.

Why apply for a B-1 US visa?

The B-1 visit visa for visiting the US requires no travel history from the applicant. This category of visa is obtained by the people when they travel they want to do is for business purposes. Such purposes may include consultations with several business clients and associates, attend any business, professional, educational and scientific meeting, do the negotiation of any contract, or for settlement of an estate. For all these purposes, a person has to apply for the B-2 category of visit visa for the US.

This would be the appropriate and suitable category of visa for the applicant. So for the people who don’t have any traveling recording in the past should better be applying for the B-1 category of visit visa as there are many chances for the applicant to obtain this category of visa. Applying for the B-1 visa type doesn’t assure the applicant of getting a visa but it depends totally on the US visa application.

How to apply for obtain B-1 US Visa?

It is very simple and easy to apply for the B-1 type of visit visa. The process doesn’t involve any complexities and is easily understandable by almost all types of applicants. Anyone around the globe can apply for the B-1 type of visit visa for the US.  Basically, the B-1 visa doesn’t need any travel history so the application process for the B-1 category of visit visa for the US would be discussed here. Whenever you plan to apply for a visit visa for the US, you must have an idea about the location of the nearest US embassy to you.

Applicants who want to apply for a visit US visa should apply to the nearest US embassy so that there would be no problem in visiting the US embassy whenever needed. The applicant must apply for the visit visa in advance so that he may not have to face any problems near to the date of departure.

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Procedure for Obtain US Visa

The procedure of applying for both of the categories of visa is almost the same. The required documents presented to the embassy along with the visa application differ in both categories depending upon the type of visa for which the person is applying for. Below mentioned is the complete procedure for applying for the B1 visa category to obtain a visit visa for the US.


Obtain an invitation letter

The basic requirement to apply for the B1 US Visa category of visit visa for the US is to obtain an invitation letter from any trusted sponsor of the US. That letter is actually an invitation to you from any registered business based organization in the USA. In case if you are applying for a B1 visit visa, you need to get a business letter from a registered business firm. After getting the letter, you can now apply for the B1 visa type. Sometimes you need to contact or hire an agency to get a business invitation from a trusted registered organization. WSL Consultants also helping to obtain a trusted invitation letter from US sponsors.

Fill the Application form to Obtain US Visa

The application starts processing when you fill in the application form to obtain a visa. The application form which you need to fill properly is DS-160. The form is to be filled online and is also called an Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application form. Filling the application form is the very first step in the processing of the application. Once you have filled in the application form online, get the printout of the confirmation page which pops up on the screen when you have applied. Bring the printout along with you in your interview in the US embassy in your home country.

Make payment to the US Embassy

Once you have applied online for the visa, the next step comes when you have to pay the fee for applying for the visa. The fees which usually the applicants pay while applying for the B1 visa category are normally non-refundable. When the applicant is filling the DS-160 form online, he will get the visit fee deposit slip which the applicant has to pay and submit the bank’s copy too to any branch of Allied bank in Pakistan. The fee submission and its process are exactly the same for other countries like Pakistan. The fee which the applicant has to pay for getting the visa application in the process is 160 US $. You can also get the help of any consultant to guide you about the process.

Schedule your interview for Obtain US Visa

Once you have deposited the fee for a B-1 US visa for the US, now is the time for you to schedule your appointment for the interview with the US embassy. While you are scheduling your appointment for the interview with the US embassy, you need to have the following mentioned information with you:

  • Your passport number
  • The receipt number is mentioned on the visa fee deposit slip.
  • The barcode-based on 10 digits that you have received from the confirmation page when you have filled in the application form.


Prepare the documents to Obtain US Visa

While you have planned the interview schedule, it is time for you to get those documents prepared which you will need in the interview. There are some specific documents that will highly be needed by you in order to make your case strong. These documents are the ones that raise your chances of getting access to the US Visit visa. Generally, the documents which you should prepare to take along with you in the interview are as follows:

  • You need to take the confirmation form along with you which contains the readable barcode based on 10 digits that you receive when you’ve applied online by filling DS-160 form.
  • You must be having your current passport size photograph with you that should not be older than 6 months from the date of the interview. The photograph should be with white background.
  • Your US ticket and hotel booking slip if required in the interview.
  • Business invitation letter that has been sent to you by a trusted business organization in the US.
  • The other documents which are required in the interview may include the business documents, bank statements and letter, and the other supporting documents.
  • Interview day

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Interview Day on Obtain US Visa

On the day of the interview, be at the US embassy on time. Don’t be late from the said time and date. You must have the photocopy of the appointment letter you have got and all the other mentioned documents in the pre-mentioned point. The application without anyone of these documents will be regarded as rejected.

The wait time for every application is different and varies from person to person. The applicants who submit their application prior to the date of booking are encouraged as compared to those who apply comparatively late. Wait times for the interview can belong as well as short and the processing time differs according to the application type.

Other than the documents, a digital fingerprint scan would also be needed by the embassy. There could be some applications that may include further processing which needs extra time after the interview has been done by the Embassy officer.

Further Instructions: The other things which are important for you to keep in mind while you are applying for a US visa involve the following:


  • When it is your interview, reach a minimum of half an hour before the scheduled time of the interview. By planning this smartly, you could keep yourself safe from any issues.
  • The interview is generally simple and it doesn’t involve any complexities. Normally the questions are focused on the reason for your visit to the US and the evaluation of the answers you give that whether you will return to Pakistan or not.
  • In most cases, your US visa status is informed to you in the interview in the case if it is rejected.
  • If in the interview the Embassy Officer keeps your passport, you will be asked to wait until the administration process is completed. Once the process is done, it will be sent to the American Express Office of the city mentioned by you.
  • Normally the time period given to the visa applicants is of 10 days. This time period is given to them for the issuance of visas after they have applied for the US visit visa.

Other scenarios for Obtain US Visa

In some cases, most of the applicants want to know about their chances of getting a visit visa for the US. In situations like that, it becomes tough for them to predict the outcomes. For people like that there could be some ways to increase the chances of getting the US to visit visa without having any proper travel history.

Being a job holder doesn’t guarantee that you will get your visit visa to the US issues. The immigration officers check a lot of things regarding your job and employment. Those things which are highly noticed by the immigration officer may including the duration of your previous and current job, the type of job you are doing currently, and which you have done in past.

The immigration also wants to have your income proof of your current job. The other things which are important to be measured by the immigration officer include your expected stay in the US. The applicants who have planned to stay for a long time may have to face more questions from the immigration officer than that of those who have applied for short trips.

The nature of your job and the reasons behind your travel to the US are considered by the officers. You need to submit the salary statements and the certified leave document to the immigration officers so that they can better evaluate your visa application.

Family Obligations Obtain US Visa

Some people apply for a US visit visa to fulfill their family obligations. Such applicants need to submit their applications attached with the official documents that show their family relationships and the other important documents presenting the medical conditions of any independent family member or any other legal document which shows the family obligation of the applicant for which he is applying for US visit visa.

Property and assets prefer to Obtain US Visa

People who have property or any personal asset in the US have more chances to get visas. They need to attach the legal documents along with the visa application submitted to the embassy.